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Math with Martha!

Hi, I'm Martha !

 My background includes many years of training elementary and middle schools math teachers. So if you are the parent of a student in grades K – 6, this site is for you!


My site has lots of videos, games and links that all share one important theme. The best way to create a love and understanding of math is to introduce math facts and concepts in a visual, concrete way so that they will easily recalled and applied. I also believe that math is less stressful when played as a game, so I include several math games on my site. No worries, there are no special items or games to purchase since many just involve a deck of cards.


The bottom line is ..... teaching math to your kids doesn’t have to be intimidating.  It can be fun.


Check out my videos under the Lessons link and my background and experience under the About link.

Martha Hunt, PhD



Martha Hunt, PhD